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This service consists of up to 2 hours of tips and tricks, hands-on nutrition lessons, and on-the-spot nutrition guidance at the supermarket of your choice.

You’ll also get a workbook and handouts to reuse every time you go to the grocery store!

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Claire El-Jor Msc, LD gave a workshop in Arabic on Mindfulness in Eating with the collaboration of the Municipality of Yahchouch.


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Claire El-Jor Msc, LD gave two workshops at Eureka Brain Booster Center about Supermarket Food Shopping and Mindfulness in Eating.


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Today marks the start of Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2019!
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From the talk “Stereotypes in the Field of Nutrition and Dietetics” given to LAU Beirut Nutrition undergrads.

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Claire El-Jor has partnered with Nuviva to deliver healthy and yummy meals straight to your door.

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Detox Diets


Why Fad Diets Don’t Work on Voix Du Liban 100.3 – 100.5 



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My name is Claire, and I’m an American-Lebanese licensed dietitian based in Lebanon.

My basic approach is an everything in moderation, non-diet, all foods fit approach because food is a basic physical need and is a source of pleasure (we are just wired that way), so why should it be so complicated?

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I want to help you reach your health goals whether that means nutrition therapy in my clinic or a personalized presentation for your organization that meets your unique needs.

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